Zob 18" Straight Tube

ZOB 18" Straight Tube Bong
All clear glass with colored ZOB label
5MM thick tubing
14MM ground slide included
6.5" long diffused downstem
Triple ice pinch so you can add ice cubes
Made in the USA!
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ZOB Glass is a top seller at FunkyPiece. Their high quality, scientific glass bongs look good and function just as well. The 18 inch ZOB Straight tube is a scientific glass water pipe that is tall, sturdy and a great value for $150. It utilizes 5MM thick glass tubing which gives it the weight and sturdiness that you want from a high quality piece. A diffused downstem creates a mix of water and smoke as you begin your inhale. The artists at ZOB also utilize a triple pinch ice catch so you can add ice inside the tube and take your bong hits to the next level. 

The ZOB 18" Straight tube bong features an all clear glass tube with a colored ZOB label. Each bong is hand made and the label color will vary. A 14MM ground slide is included along with the diffused downstem. Overall, a high quality straight tube bong that won't break the bank. 

Perc Style:
Diffused Downstem
Bong Style:
Straight Tube
Joint Size: