Water pipes, also known as a bong utilizes water to cool and diffuse your smoke. Our selection includes quality glass pieces from American manufacturers such as HVY, Chameleon Glass and GravLabs. Choosing a new bong is easy at FunkyPiece. We have everything from cheap bongs that get the job done all the way up to higher priced pieces made from thick, heavy glass. Most of our water pipes come with a standard flower or funnel bowl along with various percolators and/or diffusers. Some of our bongs also come with a domeless quartz nail to double as a dab rig as well. 

When it comes to finding good water pipes for sale, it is hard to go wrong with a bong. Bongs are smoking devices with a large tube shaped mouthpiece that pass smoke through water to cool and smooth the smoke. We have a huge selection of glass bongs for sale including percolator bongs, straight tube bong, beaker bongs, and mini bongs that make perfect dab rigs. If you are looking for a quality pipe to enhance your next smoke session, a high quality bong is the perfect option.