UV Jellyfish Bubble Cap

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Borosilicate Glass
UV Reactive Illuminati Green
UV Reactive Lucy Pink
2 Inches Tall
Made in California
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Give your favorite dab rig an under the sea makeover with the UV Jellyfish Bubble Cap from Empire Glassworks. Constructed of thick glass, the UV Jellyfish Bubble cap is a bubble style carb cap that will add a fresh look to your dab rig. Bubble style caps help to retain heat inside your banger while allowing for better control of airflow to more efficiently vaporize your concentrates. The Bubble cap covers your banger and stops vapor from dissipating, while the top of the cap makes it easy to rotate and adjust the airflow so none of your materials get left behind. The extremely detailed, Jellyfish design is handcrafted by the artisans at Empire Glassworks from hight-quality borosilicate glass and features UV reactive glass that glows under blacklights.

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