SLX 2.4" Silver Grinder

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SLX makes grinders that are a cut above the rest. What makes an SLX grinder so unique is its interior and exterior non-stick ceramic coating. This new grinder technology was developed from industrial blade materials and cutting supplies to reduce friction and sticking. This feature reduces the frequency of cleaning to keep your grinder operating at peak performance. From the lip of the grinder down to the pollen catcher is layered with this ceramic non-stick coating which ensures a consistent quality grind with ease each time. No other herb grinder on the market utilizes this patented technology. 

The unique ceramic coating is FDA approved and is non toxic and does not burn off under heat. This grinder measures 2.4" in diameter and is slightly larger than the 2" version also found on our site. The grinders unique screen design prevents threads and allows for consistent pollen collection. If the screen is not installed the grinder can hold approximately 2 grams on the base layer.

SLX's ceramic coating is extremely durable and is backed my a manufacturer's warranty. If any layer ever starts to fail it will be replaced at no cost to you. We guarantee you'll never need or buy another grinder again! Silver finish. Available in a variety of other colors.