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RAW x Integra 67g 62% Humidity Pack

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The RAW x Integra 67g 62% Boost Humidity packs are a must have for keeping a variety of contents fresh and safe for consumption. Too high of a humidity and your medicine can get moldy and dangerous. Too low and you risk turning your favorite herbs into dust. The 2-way humidity regulating pack either releases or absorbs moisture depending on environmental conditions. These packs are perfect for short or long term storage. Your goodies will remain fresh and potent as the day you got them.

Using your new humidity control packs is simple. Simply, place the Integra Boost pack in a bag or jar along with your contents and the pack will go to work maintaining 62% relative humidity in the contained environment. This is the perfect humidity for storing medicinal herbs and cigars. Works in all types of jars and plastic bags as well. Because these are non-toxic and safe, you can put the humidity pack right along with your medicine or cigars.  

67 gram size is perfect for keeping an ounce or less of dry material at the proper humidity levels. Each Integra Boost Humidity Pack comes with a replacement indicator card which helps you identify when it's time for a replacement.