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RAW Pressed Bud King Size Cones 2pk.

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- King Size Pre-Rolled Cones
- 2 Cones Per Pack
- Made from Post-Extraction Cannabis Material
- Contains ZERO Tobacco or THC
- Natural Terpenes
- Made by RAW
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The RAW Pressed Bud Wrap King Size Cones are a novel and innovative product designed for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a premium smoking experience. These cones are meticulously crafted from all-natural, unbleached, post-extraction cannabis material, ensuring a clean and smooth burn with no added chemicals. The pressing process creates a compact and evenly distributed wrap, enhancing the flavors of your herb while maintaining a slow and consistent burn. RAW Pressed Bud Wrap King Size Cones offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution for those who appreciate the pure essence of their favorite herb, making every session a delightfully authentic and enjoyable journey. Each pack comes with two pre-rolled cones in a reusable tube container.