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The RAW Artesano pack is the most convenient way to roll up on the go. The package includes RAW Natural 1-1/4 rolling papers, RAW unbleached filter tips and a built in rolling tray. Never fumble again with a magazine, paper money or any other flat surface when you need to roll up. Everything you need is included in this one convenienct package. 

The hallmark of the Artesano pack is the built-in, spring loaded rolling tray. Open up the Artesanos and the tray folds out ready for you to get to work. The entire package comes together with a paper fold-over feature expertly designed by RAW. 

RAW Artesano Pack Includes:

  • 32 RAW Classic 1-1/4" Rolling Papers (also available in King Size)
  • 32 RAW unbleached roll up tips
  • Rolling tray 

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