Puffco Plus V2

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The Puffco Plus is hands down the best concentrate vaporizer on the market. True connoisseurs with high quality material will not want to use any other vape. Starting with their innovative design, the Puffco Plus utilizes an all ceramic chamber that gives you tasty hits of vapor time and time again. Built in air holes ensure a clear, crisp pull that produces copious amounts of vapor. Another unique feature is the mouthpiece that utilizes a built in loading tool. This makes loading your favorite concentrates a breeze. No more sticky fingers or extra dab tools to carry around. The Puffco Plus is a portable, all in one vape made for the concentrate connoisseur. 

Puffco's portable vape uses a powerful, 510 threaded battery that allows you to vape cartridges as well. To convert it to a cartridge vape, simply unscrew the top part and voila you now can enjoy cartridges without having to buy a separate battery. The battery that powers the Plus has three heat settings and a sesh mode function that keeps your material warm on the fly. Puffco's portable concentrate vape not only performs but it looks good at the same time. A sleek, gunmetal finish is stylish and elegant. The pen style fits in your pocket, bag or purse with ease. 

Comes complete with a charger and cleaning kit. For the best on the go vaping experience, the Puffco Plus is the only way to go. Backed by a 6 month warranty. 



Portable concentrate vaporizer