Prometheus Pocket - Black

Glass pipe floats in aluminum exoskeleton
Modular design for easy cleaning
Get the benefits of glass without the threat of breaking
Black anodized aluminum pipe
Made in Colorado, USA
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The Prometheus Pocket Pipe is the world's first and only glass pipe with an aluminum exoskeleton. This engineering feat gives you the benefits of smoking out of glass while limiting or reducing the threat of breakage if the unforseen should happen. We've all done it. Either in the process of cleaning or sometimes when you're having too much fun, you drop your glass pipe and it shatters to smitherenes. The Prometheus Pocket Pipe ensures this never happens again!

The black Prometheus Pipe is not just a glass pipe covered in metal. It's well thought out design allows the glass bowl and stem to float in it's aluminum frame. This is accomplished with the use of medical grade rubber o-rings. The strategically placed o-rings act as a sort of shock absorber allowing the pipe to shrug off high impacts. 

Taking the design a step further is the Prometheus Pipe's modular construction. Built with the end-user in mind, the entire pipe can be disassembled for easy cleaning and screen replacement. Speaking of screens, the Prometheus Pocket's screen sits vertically between the bowl and stem. This unconventional design ensures that no flame touches the metal screen. You are rewarded with un-adulterated flavor while still being protected from embers and debris as you inhale. 

All these features make it easy to see that the Prometheus Pocket is not just another hand pipe. Rather, this piece is more of an investment that you'll enjoy for years to come. All of the pieces including glass, o-rings and screen are replaceable and available for purchase separately. Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA! 

Product listing is for the black pipe. All the other colors are available on our website.