PKG 3-Hole Diffuser Rig

Bent neck mouthpiece
9.25" tall from base to mouthpiece
14MM male bowl included
Constructed from thick, heavy glass
Can be used as a rig or flower piece
Made in the USA!
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PKG is a favorite at FunkyPiece due to its quality craftsmanship, clean design and functionality. The hallmark of this piece is the three hole diffusor perc that functions extremely well. Watch as water and smoke converge through the perc and up the barrel style tube. The size and function of this piece make it ideal for both dabs and flower use. It comes with a 14MM male bowl. Swap in a banger for the perfect rig!

The PKG 3 hole perc bong features a fixed downstem and extra wide and thick base for durability. High quality bong is constructed from thick, heavy glass. Get this piece in your hand and you'll feel the weight of this rig. The bent neck mouthpiece makes this pipe a dream to hit. All clear glass has the PKG lettering stamped on both sides. This not so well known brand makes gem after gem of high quality bongs that will be a welcome addition to your collection. 

PKG 3 Hole perc water pipe measures 9.5" tall from base to mouthpiece. The base is a solid 1" thick. Proudly made in the USA!

Perc Style:
Hole Perc
Bong Style:
Straight Tube
Joint Size: