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The Pax 3 vaporizer is the newest vaporizer from the geniuses at PAX Labs.  The Pax 3 improves on its predecessor with a boast of new features including  native app support, concentrate support, longer battery life, improved mouthpieces and several new games.  The New pax app is available for both the app store and google play store. This new app allows the user to customize the temperature within 5 degree increments. The app also features new built in games in addition to stand alone games preset on the pax 3 device. The Pax 3 features a powerful new battery which allows  about ten sessions per charge compared to the pax 2 which averaged about five sessions per charge. In addition, the pax 3 has a warm up time of only fifteen seconds compared to the pax 2 warm up time of 45 seconds. Pax 3 features a concentrate insert so the consumer can easily change between herbs and concentrates. The new raised mouthpiece allows for better vapor production and increased airflow. Despite all these improvements and added features Pax did not increase the size of their flagship vaporizer and it remains one of the most portable and discrete vapes on the market. Pax also provides a ten year warranty for the PAX 3! 

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