Medicali Banger Hanger

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Medicali is another high quality glass brand that you can find in all FunkyPiece locations as well as on our online store. The Medicali Banger Hanger has been a top seller since it first hit the store. It features a 10 slice shower perc that absolutely shreds. A true banger set up, this pieces comes with a 3MM thick, 14MM male banger. 

The Medicali Banger Hanger utilizes a 10MM thick base that gives it a solid feel. Stemless reinforcement adds to the overall strength of this rig. A built in drip catch helps keep reclaim out of the bottom of the rig for an overall easier to clean experience. A bent neck mouthpiece finishes off this beautiful glass rig. Made in the USA by Medicali!

Measures approximately 10" tall. Makes the perfect rig right out of the box. Banger included at no extra cost.

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