Medicali 10" Showerhead Straight Tube

Showerhead perc
10" straight tube bong
3.5" diffused downstem included
14MM male hourglass bowl included
3" wide base
Clear glass with colored Medicali label (random chosen at time of shipping)
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Medicali's 10" Straight Tube Showerhead bong is a medium sized piece that is heavy and fits the bill for a quality bong. The hallmark of this water pipe is the showerhead percolator that effortlessly chops up water and smoke. Watch as water and smoke converge up the main chamber and then cascade out of the showerhead perc in the upper chamber. Other key features that make this bong special are the triple ice pinch and included diffused downstem. First, the integrated ice pinch allows you to add ice cubes for an even cooler rip. The filtration action gets started with the 3.5" diffused downstem. A 14MM hourglass bowl finishes out this beautiful piece. 

We love Medicali Glass bongs because they look good, function even better and are made right here in the USA! A Medicali Bong is a treat to have with most owners enjoying their new piece for years. Every bong is expertly packged to ensure discreet and safe arrival anywhere in the world. 

All clear bong comes with a colored Medicali label. A random color will be chosen at time of shipping. Each piece is hand made and quantities are limited so we cannot guarantee you'll get the exact color in this picture. We try to accomodate color requests when available. 

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Straight Tube
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