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King Palm Goji Berry Mango Wraps + Tips 4-Pack

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- Goji Berry Blunt Wraps
- Mango Flavored
- 4 Wraps Per Pack w/ 4 Model X Rolling Tips Included
- Derived from The Goji Berry Super Fruit
- Made by King Palm
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Experience the world's first goji berry smoking experience with the King Palm Goji Berry Mango Wraps. Goji berries are sustainably harvested and processed into a pulp that is used to make these wraps, which burn smooth, slowly, and have a delicious flavor that doesn't overpower your herbs. Each 4-Pack of these wraps contains 4 Model X filter tips to make your rolling and smoking experience even better! The sweet goji berries provide a slightly sweet flavor and combine with the natural terpenes and tropical mango flavor for a truly unique and special smoke session. Grab a pack or two today and see what all the hype is about and how super this super fruit really is!