JOB Virgin 11⁄4 Cone - 6 Pack

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OCB manufacturers their own cones under the JOB brand. These 1-1-/4" cones utilize OCB's Virgin series natural plant fiber papers that are minimally processed. The unrefined paper means no bleaching or chlorine has been added in the production process. What you get is an unbelievably light and natural paper that burns extremely slow.   

Pre-rolled cones are the best invention next to sliced bread. No rolling required! Simply pack your cone with material and twist at the top. Each 1-1/4" cone will fit roughly .8 grams of material. Each pack comes with 6 individual cones. Also available in king size.

Key Specs:

  • Natural, unbleached and unrefined
  • Plant based gum line
  • 1-1/4" size
  • Sold individually - each pack contains 6 cones
  • No rolling required, simply pack and smoke

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