Illadelph 5MM Medium Straight - Orange Label

Illadelph Production Series Straight Tube
5MM thick glass, 19" height
50MM diameter tube with ice pinch
Clear glass with orange label
14MM single hole bowl and diffused downstem included
Authentic Illadelph glass made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Owning an Illadelph bong is unlike anything else. People will tell you an Illadelph just hits different! Hand made by glass artists in Philladelphia, PA. Illadelph bongs are a welcome to addition to any smoker's collection. The medium 19" straight tube that you see here is made from 5MM thick glass. The 50MM diameter tubing features an integrated ice pinch allowing you to add ice cubes for a cooler, denser hit. A 7MM thick, extra wide base prevents the bong from tipping over and protects from cracking. Not only does an Illy function but it also looks good at the same time. The clear scientific glass is offset by an orange label and matching Illadelph script logo. A color coordinated slide and downstem round out the orange label style. Clean form and function is what you can expect from Illadelph.  

Illadelph 19" Medium Straight Tube Orange Label Includes:
Attention to detail is seen throughout everything that comes out of the Illadelph factory. This piece includes a 14MM colored downstem and matching single hole bowl. The diffused downstem creates clean and efficient percolation. Each Illadelph water pipe is shipped in the original, custom padded box provided by the manufacturer. The box not only protects your new purchase but it adds resale value if you ever decide to part ways with your prized possesion. A color coordinated K-clip is also included for extra safety. The K-clip keeps your downstem in place when you pull out the slide. Finally, an Illadelph Clipper Lighter is also included. 

Illadelph's production series bongs are some of the most sought after around the world. FunkyPiece is an authorized Illadelph distributor. Enjoy expert packaging and same day shipping on every orange label Illadelph bong on our website. 

Bong Style:
Straight Tube
Perc Style:
Diffused Downstem
Joint Size: