Illadelph Detachable Medium Coil Condenser - Red

Illadelph Glycerin Coil Condenser Series
18" tall
Removable condenser can be frozen for extra smooth hits
Colored accent downstem and K clips included
14MM slide included
Blown in Philadelphia, PA
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Take your Illadelph experience to the next level with the medium series, detachable glycerin coil beaker from Illadelph Glass. Once frozen, the glycerin coil acts to cool the incoming smoke to levels unachievable with regular ice cubes. The coil tube is attached to the beaker portion of the bong with a removable K clip. Pop the coil in your freezer for an hour or two then reattach it for some of the smoothest, coolest hits.

The Illadelph coil beaker bong measures approximately 18" in height and looks as good as it performs. The black coil suspended in the glycerin solution is the first eye grabbing piece. Furthermore, Illadelph utilizes red accents on the beaker bottom and a neatly placed pendant for extra aesthetics. Red K clips, a multi-hole colored downstem and a matching 14MM slide are included. The bong features sturdy, 50x5MM tubing. 

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Condensor Coil
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