Illadelph Coil Condenser "Ben Danklin" Collab

Illadelph Glycerin Coil Condenser Series
18" tall straight tube bong
Fixed stem (no removable downstem)
Rasta label with green coil
14MM slide and K clips included
Frozen coil produces cool, smooth hits
Blown in Philadelphia, PA
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Out of Stock

Take your Illadelph experience to the next level with the fixed stem, detachable glycerin coil straight tube from Illadelph Glass. The hallmark of this piece is the detachable glycerin coil. The coil's main function is to chill incoming smoke to levels unheard of with plain, old ice cubes. Pop of the glycerin tube, throw it in your freezer for an hour or two then reattach it for an inspiring smoke session. The freezer cold smoke will expand in your lungs for the ultimate rip. The coil is held on with a color accented K clip which is included.  

Another unique feature of this piece is the fixed down stem. Gone away is the removable downstem which can easily break during handling. Your bowl simply slides out and there is nothing else to worry about. Like all Illadelph bongs, this piece looks as good as it performs. The Rasta label utilizes key color accented components that truly make it a work of art. The green fixed downstem matches the green coil while the Rasta inspired label and colored base rounds out this amazing piece.

FunkyPiece is an authorized Illadelph retailer selling only 100% genuine pieces. We ship all in stock Illadelph bongs same day via UPS Ground with tracking confirmation and insurance included. This piece will come with all factory packaging that Illadelph includes for authorized retailers.

Perc Style:
Condensor Coil
Joint Size:
Bong Style:
Straight Tube