Icy Penguins Small Spoon

Borosilicate Glass
4.5 Inches Long
Penguin Accent
Left Side Carb
Made in California
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The Empire Glassworks Icy Penguins Small Spoon Pipe will keep you chill all year round! This thick glass hand pipe sports individually handcrafted arctic creatures like adorable penguins and polar bears with worked icicles hanging on the sides. The Icy Penguins Small Spoon pipe is more compact and transportable at just 4.5” inches in length, making it ideal for on-the-go smoking while remaining easy to hold in one hand. A deep spoon style bowl will securely hold your smoking material while a left-side air carb allows you to control the size of each hit. Whether your a fan of wintertime or just love adorable penguins, this Empire Glassworks piece is the coolest pipe around!