HVY Clear Beaker

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HVY Glass is a California, USA based manufacturer of high quality glass water pipes for the everyday user. We love HVY pieces because they are tough and relatively inexpensive. Their standard clear beaker has been a best seller since we opened the shop. It measures approximately 12" tall and features all clear tubing with the HVY logo. 

This no frills beaker gets the job done without breaking the bank or being too overly complicated. Old school beaker style is super easy to clean and hits like a champ. Filtration is provided through the multi-slit downstem. An integrated 3 prong pinch allows you to add ice cubs for an even smoother, denser hit. For $70 you really can't beat this made in the USA pyrex bong! 

14MM slide and downstem are included at no extra charge. Makes a great first bong!

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Diffused Downstem
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