Homie Glass 38x8 Grommet Beaker

8.25" tall
3.75" base
9MM glass on glass slide and downstem included
Made in California
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The Homie Glass beaker is an American made water pipe that won't break the bank. At FunkyPiece, we believe in American made glass and this is why you won't find any China bongs on our site or in our stores. The Homie Glass clear beaker is the perfect piece for use at home or on the go. It measures 8.25" tall and utilizes a 38MM tube. A 9MM glass on glass slide and downstem with rubber O-ring are included. 

The Homie Glass beaker is blown from all clear glass and features a made in California logo. An integrated ice pinch allows you to use ice cubes for the coolest of hits. Overall, a quality, American made bong for only $40. 

Joint Size:
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Diffused Downstem