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Hidden Hills Banangie (Sativa) Live Sugar 3g Disposable Vape

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- Banangie (Sativa) Live Sugar Disposable Vape
- Three Grams of Live Sugar
- Cannabinoid Blend of THC-P, Delta 9, & HTE
- USB-C Port for Recharging
- Made by Hidden Hills Club
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The Hidden Hills Club Live Sugar 3g Disposable Vapes redefine the vaping experience with their exceptional quality and innovation. These cutting-edge disposable vapes boast a generous three-gram capacity of premium live sugar concentrate, delivering potent and flavorful hits with every puff. This Banangie flavor is a sativa with ripe banana and citrusy notes, perfect to enjoy during the day.

Crafted with the finest cannabinoids including THC-P, Delta-9, & HTE, these vapes offer a range of delectable flavors that cater to diverse palates, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable session for connoisseurs and beginners alike. The sleek, compact design and discreet form factor make them ideal for on-the-go use, while the built-in rechargeable battery ensures you can savor every drop of the meticulously crafted live sugar. Elevate your vaping journey with the Hidden Hills Club Live Sugar 3g Disposable Vapes, where quality, convenience, and flavor converge for an unparalleled experience.