Hemper XL Pineapple Honeycomb Rig

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Hemper's XL pineapple bong is a remake of the original, smaller version. This XL piece features a double bubble design that lends to it's super smooth rips and superior functionality. Standing at approximately 11 inches tall, the XL Pineapple bong is an impressive piece.

You'll love this bong because it combines form and functionality. Two separate percolators within the water pipe help filter and cool your smoke in a spectactular fashion. Water and smoke first pass through the lower showerhead perc. Then it gets forced through a honeycomb perc before finally entering through the double bubble and out the mouth piece. The floating pineapple acts as a splash guard to ensure you get nothing but deep rips of pure, clean smoke. 

The Pineapple XL bong makes the perfect addition to any pineapple lover's collection.

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Perc Style:
Honeycomb Disc
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