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GravLabs Mini Sherlock

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The Grav Mini Sherlock Pipe pays homage to Sherlock Holmes and the unique style pipe he used to puff on. The hand pipe utilizes an inverted ashcatcher built into the mouthpiece to prevent ash from being sucked in while you smoke. The deep bowl allows you to pack in a good amount of material so you don't have to re-pack it after every hit. This Grav Mini Sherlock is blown from borosilicate glass and is finished off with a stylish Grav Labs logo. The pipe measures 4" long and is the perfect size for on the go smoking! The left side carb is easy to manipulate as you inhale copious amounts of smoke. Whether you're solving difficult cases or just trying to get through your day, the Mini Sherlock from Grav Labs is just what the doctor ordered. We try to accommodate color requests, but cannot make any guarantees. Please leave your preference in the order notes on the checkout page.