Grape Backwoods

5 Pack Grape Backwoods
Guaranteed fresh pack
Rare, limited quantities available
Imported direct from overseas
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Backwoods is one of the most popular brands of blunts around and enjoyed by smokers across the globe. Because Backwoods is a global brand, they produce many flavors not readily available in the US, and of those flavors, one of the most popular is grape. True connoisseurs know it's rare to find Grape Backwoods in the wild, which makes them extremely sought after. FunkyPiece has scoured the globe and found fresh packs of Grape Backwoods ready for you to enjoy, but you better hurry before they run out!

Grape backwoods come in a pack of 5. Guaranteed fresh or we'll send you a new pack. These are real deal Grape backwoods imported from overseas. FunkyPiece stocks them in limited quantities to ensure maximum freshness.