FunkyPiece 12" Beaker

7MM thick, durable glass
Extra thick joint to prevent breaking
Quality bong made in the USA
12" height
Clear glass with frosted FunkyPiece logo
14MM male bowl included
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The FunkyPiece beaker is one of our best selling bongs and it's easy to see why. Made from extra thick, 7MM glass. This bong is heavy and durable. A 50MM diameter tube features all clear glass with a frosted FunkyPiece logo. The look is clean and simple. The high quality 12" FunkyPiece Bong is proudly made in the USA! 

Our 12" beaker utilizes a diffused downstem and integrated ice pinch. The simple filtration is easy to clean and less likely to break when compared to other style percs. A 14MM flower bowl is included so there is nothing else to buy. For $80 you are getting a thick, durable bong that looks good, functions even better and is made in the USA!

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Diffused Downstem