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Finally a bong that you can't break! The Eyce Beaker Bong is made from platinum cured silicone that is completely safe to smoke out of. Eyce manufacturers a variety of silicone smoking products. It's no secret that glass breaks when you drop it. Never worry about breaking another bong again with silicone Eyce Beaker from FunkyPiece. 

FunkyPiece carries virtually every Eyce silicone product because we believe in it's quality and value. They really went the extra step with their silicone beaker. The beaker bottom features a removable storage compartment and rolling tray. Key features like this make this an excellent piece to travel with. In addition to the storage compartment, the bong also comes with a stainless steel poker tool. 

Eyce went the extra step by outfitting their silicone beaker with a glass on glass downstem and slide. The diffused downstem does a great job of creating filtration and an integrated ice pinch allows you to cool your smoke down for a smoother hit. All in all, for $60 you can't beat this unique, silicone beaker water pipe. 

Available in a variety of colors. We do our best to accomodate color requests. Please inclue any preference in the notes section on the check out page. We will accomodate requests if the particular color is in stock. 

Platinum Cured Silicone
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