Elements 1-1/4" Rolling Machine


The Elements 1 1/4 Rolling Machine is the best manual machine for rolling effortless and perfect cigarettes. Simple to use and made of plastic and vinyl, this little machine rolls perfectly every time. Just put your filter and material in the groove, twist it up a bit to tighten it, insert a paper and lick the gum, and then just roll it down until you don't see the paper anymore. Pop the vinyl track open and out pops a perfect final product ready to spark up on the spot! If you have trouble rolling or if you just want a fool-proof way to roll, this machine is perfect for you! Don't forget to grab some 1 1/4 papers and filter tips to go with it!

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SKU: 400000000862
Product: Manual Rolling Machine
Size: Made for 1 1/4 size rolling papers
Brand: Elements
Material: Plastic and Vinyl


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