Blowfish Glass

Donut Pipe


Satisfy your cravings for something sweet with our Blowfish Glass Doughnut pipe. High quality glass is blown to look like the real thing. Complete with frosting and sprinkles or icing, the donut bowl is the definition of functional art. Makes the perfect addition to any smoker's kitchen counter top.

The highly detailed piece is just under 4" in length. The bottom side contains a rather small bowl and left side carb. The doughnut is available in either pink or amber bottom. Please note, we try to accommodate color requests but cannot guarantee which one you'll get due to stock.

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SKU: 400000000299
Product: Doughnut Hand Pipe
Brand: Blowfish Glass
Material: Pink or Amber glass on bottom, White and multicolored glass on top
Size: 4" long
Made in: The USA


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