Compton Glass 15" Bent Neck Beaker with Grinder and Mat

Height: 15"
Perc: 6 Slit Diffused Downstem
2 1/2" Two-Piece Compton Grinder Included
Outer Diameter: 50mm
Wall Thickness: 5mm
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Out of Stock

The Compton Glass 15" Bent Neck Beaker with Compton grinder is the original grinder and glass combo! The beaker base on this bong was custom blown to incorporate the included Compton Grinder. The grinder is held in place with a powerful Neodymium Magnet so there is no worry about it falling out. The included mat provides a soft, grippy surface to place your piece on when not in use. A 14MM male bowl and downstem are included. All you need now is the funky stuff. 

FunkyPiece is proud to carry mostly American made glass and the Compton Beaker definitely fits the bill. Made from 5MM thick glass that utilizes a 50MM diameter tube. In addition to quality, this 15" tall piece also functions just as well. First, the bent neck mouthpiece makes it super easy to take a hit while your seated. A diffused downstem gets the percolation going. Watch as smoke and water converge up through the bent neck mouthpiece. The incorporated grinder below finishes off the most versatile bong in the universe. 

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Diffused Downstem
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