16" Clear Frosted LV Straight Tube

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The 16" Clear-Frosted LV bong is a must have piece for any Louis Vutton fan! Made right here in the USA! The high quality water pipe is made from 5MM thick glass that won't crack or break like thinner pieces. It features a 50MM diameter tube that has been sandblasted and etched with the iconic LV branding. If you're a Louis fan or know a smoker in your life that is then this is the bong to go with. Read on below to get more details on this highly unique piece. 

Makes a Statement
Just like the clothing line, this LV patterned bong makes a statement! The tall 16" piece is sandblasted to give it that frosted look and feel. The LV pattern appears as clear glass making a beautiful contrast against the frosted finish. Hand made in the USA by fine glass artisans. Tons of work and details are put into crafting every LV Bong from FunkyPiece. 

Thick, durable construction
You would expect high quality construction with any high end item and the LV bong is no different. Thick glass is used to ensure you and your friends will enjoy this pipe for years to come. In addition to thicker glass, the straight tube features a wide base to make it sturdy and almost impossible to tip over. 

Attention to Details
A matching LV pattern bowl is included along with a diffused downstem. A triple pinch, integrated ice catch allows you to place ice cubes inside the tube for cooler and denser smoke. The LV bong is an overall high quality piece that is the perfect addition to any Louis Vutton accessory or clothing. 

Perc Style:
Diffused Downstem
Bong Style:
Straight Tube
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