ChillHit Hoodie - Large

Hoodie Drawstring allows for discrete vaping
Medical grade silicone vapor tube
Silicone tube is removable for cleaning
Size: Large
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The ChillHit Hoodie is no ordinary hoodie. The ingenus drawstring vapor delivery system is integrated directly into the hood of the ChillHit Hoodie to provide discreet access to your vape. The vapor delivery system includes a medical-grade silicone tube attached to a durable, washable mouthpiece and connector. Using the ChillHit Hoodie couldn't be easier, just plug your favorite vape into the universal connector, tuck the device into its dedicated pocket, and draw vapor by inhaling from the mouthpiece at the other end of the tube. Just like a regular hoodie drawstring, the drawstring vapor delivery system runs through the perimeter of the hood and can be accessed via the invisible zipper for easy removal when washing the hoodie. This ChillHit Hoodie is size LARGE.