C2 50MM Ratchet Bub

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C2 50MM Ratchet Bub is one of highest quality bubbles we offer in our selection.  C2 glass is handmade in California and they use 5mm scientific glass.  This bubbler features a showerhead percolator which significantly diffuse the smoke and provide a smoother hit. C2 glass fuses the stem at the base of the peculator for stability and increased function. The other benefit of this showerhead bubbler is the  user has more control with how much water and diffusion to use due to the large chamber and splash guard.  This splash guard guard to prevent water from overflowing.  The bubbler has a 14mm female joint and comes with a matching slide.  The classic C2 is featured on the front side of the bubbler complementing their snail logo adorned to the down stem.