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Bonehead Pipe Color Change

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  • 4"
  • Color Changing
  • Spoon Pipe
  • Glass
Intricate skull design
Color changing glass
Ash-catcher mouthpiece design
Approximately 4" long
Made in the USA!
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The Bonehead Pipe mixes intricate design work with a simple ash catcher design mouthpiece to create a pipe that is a beautiful mix of form and function. First, the glass artists at Chameleon Glass crafted the bowl to look like just like a real human skull. Complete with sunken eyes and teeth, The Bonehead pipe is the perfect rendition of a skull pipe if we've ever seen one. 

Another key element of this piece is the simple, yet effective ash-catcher design. Invented in 2002, the glass artist creates an indent at the mouthpiece of the pipe. This slight indent uses gravity to catch ash instead of it escaping it out of the mouthpiece and into your mouth. Simple, yet ingenious idea adds another layer of enjoyment to your smoking routine. 

This Bonehead Ash Catcher Pipe features color changing glass that you guess it, changes color as you smoke out of it. Known as fumed glass, the colors will develop rich contrasts of yellow, blue and purple. High quality piece with intricate design makes it a top seller at FunkyPiece. Made in the USA by Chameleon Glass!