Why Glass Bubbler Pipes Merge the Best of Hand Pipes and Bongs

Why Glass Bubbler Pipes Merge the Best of Hand Pipes and Bongs

Posted by FunkyPiece on Nov 3rd 2021

If you’re not new to this, we can only assume that you’re familiar with bongs, spoon pipes, and glass bubbler pipes. That being said, if you can honestly say that there are no bubblers in your collection simply because they’ve been eclipsed at either end by glass hand pipes on one side and heady glass on the other, we can only say you’re truly missing out.

Just like glass hand pipes provide a unique smoking experience that is entirely different from taking a huge, cool rip from a bong,  glass bubbler pipes deserve some attention for their unique attributes. In many ways, they combine the best features of both hand pipes and larger water pipes in a more compact, more convenient package.

(Almost) All the Portability of a Hand Pipe

One of the great things about spoon pipes is that they are ultimately portable and perfect for an on-the-go hit or quick smoking session. No one can argue with that - for portability, spoon pipes and other small hand pipes are tops.

On the other end of the spectrum, most bongs are too large, too fragile, and too indiscrete to take on the go, not to mention the fact that most bongs have several pieces that can break or easily be misplaced. You also need to have access to water to smoke from one.

We can almost hear you saying “Wait! You need water to smoke from a glass bubbler pipe, too!” and you’re not wrong. But in this case, it’s not about the availability of water. It’s about the compact size of most bubblers. Most bubblers are easy, especially small bubblers, to bring on the go.

Bubblers are generally not quite as fragile as bongs, and some are one part. Although that can potentially make them hard to clean, it also means there are no parts to get lost. Plus, most bubblers are smaller than most bongs; some bubblers are nearly as small as some hand pipes. This means they’re discrete, and if you can bring a hand pipe, there’s no reason you can’t bring a bubbler instead. This is especially true if your bubbler is made from tough borosilicate glass.

Smoother, Stronger Hits

So you can see that bubblers offer much of the discretion and portability as hand pipes, but what makes them really awesome is the fact that the smoking experience is similar to what most bongs offer.


Sure, it’s true that you can take bigger, more powerful rips from most bongs because they are bigger and therefore have larger chimneys. But that doesn’t mean you can take relatively big hits from some bubblers.

Plus, bubblers filter the smoke, just like a bong. If you enjoy the hot, harsh smoke offered up by a glass hand pipe, that’s fine, but if you don’t a glass bubbler pipe might just be perfect for you. It’s ideal when you’re craving cool, smooth hits, but you really can’t take a bong.

Because bubblers, like bongs, also filter the smoke through a water chamber (a percolator), the smoke that filters through bubblers is nearly as cool and smooth as the smoke that filters through the perc of a bong. It’s true that some bongs have special cooling chambers that bubblers lack, but a glass bubbler pipe is still better than a spoon and provide water filtration like a bong.

Fewer Parts than Bongs and Heady Glass

Another great thing that you might like about a glass bubbler pipe is the simplicity. Many bubblers don’t have parts like bongs do, making it easier to transport them without the fear of losing or breaking anything.

You still need to handle glass bubbler pipes with care, since they tend to have thinner, more fragile designs than some spoon pipes, but they’re still small enough and tough enough so that you can take them with you on the go, as long as your careful.

Glass Bubbler Pipes Are Better for the Group Sesh

Just like a bong, a glass bubbler pipe is great for passing around. The worst thing that could happen is that you’ll need to repack the bowl more often than you would with a larger bong, but that’s not that big of a deal for most users. You’d eventually have to do the same thing with a bong or a spoon anyway, and a spoon wouldn’t give you that nice, cool, smooth hit.

Mix It Up with a New Glass Bubbler Pipe

If there’s no glass bubbler pipe in your collection yet, now is high time to add one. Spoons are great for their convenience and bongs are great for smooth, cool, massive hits - but glass bubblers offer the best of both worlds.

Plus, here at Funky Piece, we offer a wide range of unique different types of bubbler water pipes, including mini bubblers and hammer bubblers, that you can use to round out your collection. Looking for a new piece of “pocket glass” to add to your collection so you can enjoy cool, smooth hits on the go? Don’t say we didn’t tell you to check out our collection of high-quality glass bubbler pipes