Smoking Pipes for Sale: A Quick Glass Guide

Smoking Pipes for Sale: A Quick Glass Guide

Posted by FunkyPiece on Mar 5th 2022

Whether you’re new to the world of dry herbs and vapor or are a seasoned vet, there’s always some room for a brush-up. If you’re in the market for a new piece, before you hit our selection of smoking pipes for sale, consider your alternatives.

You might be dead set on a new water pipe and look right over a vaporizer that will offer you both discretion and convenience. Let’s break this down.

Spoon Pipes
Spoon pipes are ubiquitous among smoking pipes for sale. They vary widely in shape and design, but at their most basic they consist of a glass tube with a bowl and a stem with a mouthpiece. At the side of the bowl, there is often another small aperture, known as a carburetor (the “carb”) that helps to regulate airflow through the bowl.

Spoon pipes can be small and plain or large and elaborately designed, decorated or colored. Some of the advantages of spoon smoking pipes for sale are as follows:

smoking pipes for sale

Affordability: Spoon pipes are often some of the most affordable smoking pipes available.

Convenience: Spoons can often be carried in a pocket (hence the terms “pocket piece” and “pocket glass”) and are made from dense, tough borosilicate glass.

Discretion: It’s easy to take a spoon on the go and light up when you want to since they can be so comfortably and easily carried.

Straightforward, ease of use: It takes little skill or experience to get a good cherry glowing in a spoon pipe.

Collectability and customization: Spoons are fun to collect and available in a huge range of custom designs and colors.

Water Pipes
Looking to fuel the group smoking sesh? Is the smoke from a spoon pipe just too harsh for you, robbing you of some of the enjoyment of the experience? Try a water pipe, which consists of a water-filled glass percolator through which smoke is drawn (through a bowl and a downstem) before being drawn up into the chimney and into the lungs.

Though they are larger and more fragile than most spoon pipes, water pipes offer a number of benefits, including:

They deliver cooler, smoother smoke: Smoking through a water pipe delivers cooler, smoother, more enjoyable smoke that is not as harsh on the throat and lungs. Some smokers even use special water pipes with cooling chambers or fill the chimneys with ice, which cools off the smoke further.

Water pipes filter the smoke: Because smoke must first be percolated through water before it reaches your mouth, it is purer and cleaner than smoke from a spoon pipe.

They allow for bigger hits: You can fill the entire chimney with smoke in a water pipe, taking bigger, more satisfying rips.

Like spoon pipes, they can also be collectible; think “heady glass”: Just like spoons, water pipes are also endlessly customizable and are often richly, elaborately, or ornately decorated, in which case they are referred to as heady glass.

Despite the numerous advantages of water pipes, they tend to be large and fragile. Even those that are not are bulky and difficult to transport. They are better designed for chilled group sessions than for portability.

But there is a way to enjoy cool, filtered smoke in a smaller, more portable format, and it comes in the form of a bubbler, which is basically a cross between a spoon pipe and a water pipe. They are smaller, often hardly larger than a spoon pipe, and have a small water chamber that filters the smoke before you inhale it.

Some of the advantages of bubblers are:

●Size: Bubblers are much smaller than most water pipes, making them much more convenient to use.

●Portability: Since bubblers are smaller and less fragile than water pipes, they can easily be taken on the go for cool, smooth hits.

●Fewer pieces: Most if not all bubbler smoking pipes for sale are one piece, just like a spoon pipe. This means there are no parts to lose and fewer parts that can break.

●Cooler hits: Just like a water pipe, bubblers allow for cool, smooth, enjoyable hits, just in a smaller package.

Chillums and Steamrollers
Chillums are basically glass cylinders that you pack at one end and light at the other, like an ultra-bare-bones version of a spoon pipe. Very small chillums are known as one-hitters, whereas larger chillums with greater bowl capacity are known as steamrollers. Like spoon pipes, steamrollers sometimes have a carb for regulating smoke and airflow.

The benefits of chillums, one-hitters, and steamrollers are very similar to those of spoon pipes, although they often have a much smaller capacity than a spoon’s bowl:

●Ease of use: Just like a spoon pipe, a chillum is easy to pack and light.

●Convenience and portability: They’re easy to take on the go with you wherever the party is - even if it’s just you!

●Durability: Chillums are tough pieces of durable glass, usually relatively thick borosilicate. Just like a spoon, you can drop them in your pocket and hit the road with little fear of breaking them.

●Discretion: Since they’re so small, it’s easy to stash a chillum in a pocket

Dab Rigs

smoking pipes for sale

A dab rig is a lot like a water pipe in a lot of ways, except it is designed for smoking concentrates instead of dried herbs. For example, in place of a water pipe’s bowl, a dab rig will have a nail or banger that is designed to hold concentrates and facilitate vaporizing them.

Dab rigs are designed for vaporizing these concentrates at high temperatures before filtering them through water and delivering them to the smoker. They offer some of the basic advantages of water pipes, and a few more:

●More intense hits: Just like a water pipe, you can rip intense hits through a dab rig, only with concentrates, the hits will be even stronger.

●Cooler smoke: Since the dab rig filters the vapor through water, just like a water pipe, it will be cool. In fact, it’ll probably be even cooler.

●Discretion: It might not seem like a dab rig, with its complexity and parts, would be discrete, but vaporizing concentrates produces much less “smoke” than actual smoking.

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