How to Choose a Glass Smoking Pipe You’ll Love to Use

How to Choose a Glass Smoking Pipe You’ll Love to Use

Posted by FunkyPiece on Oct 27th 2021

Whether you’re looking for your first glass smoking pipe or the fiftieth addition to your collection, we’re confident you’ll find something that you’ll appreciate here in our online shop. But don’t just make this next purchase; make it count.

Whether you call it a hand pipe, pocket glass, a spoon, or just go basic with a piece, here are some of our observations that will help you pick out a glass smoking pipe from our online catalog that you will love to use.

Is It Easy to Pack, Smoke, and Clean?

Glass hand pipes have some advantages over bigger, more complex rigs and water pipes that some smokers love. For example, they are usually small, light, tough, and easy to stash - but that means very little if they aren’t big enough, smoke too hot, and are hard to clean.

The smoking experience is what this is all about, whether you prefer dry herbs or tobacco. The first thing you should look for in a glass pipe with a bowl that’s big enough for you to enjoy a high-quality session. If you’ve ever had any pipes that were too small, take the lesson in stride and apply it going forward.

Finally, remember that the simplicity of some glass smoking pipes makes them easier to clean than larger, more complex, and potentially more fragile heady glass and water pipes. All you need is a little rubbing alcohol and some salt and a tiny bit of elbow grease and you can usually get them sparkling like new. 

Choose Borosilicate Glass

While we do actually offer some natural stone and crystal pipes in our shop, as well as some metal pipes as well, if you’re going through our selection of glass pipes for sale, keep this in mind. All things being equal, borosilicate glass is the feature to look for.

There’s actually more than one good reason that so many glass smoking pipes are made from borosilicate glass, and why the best ones are. For one, borosilicate glass, which contains boron trioxide, has a much lower coefficient of thermal expansion than soda-lime glass (which is more common).

What does this mean in laymen’s terms? It means that borosilicate glass is less affected by heat, which makes it less likely to crack, craze or shatter when exposed to a flame (or any high heat). Which, by the way, is probably the main thing you’ll be applying to your glass smoking pipes.

Borosilicate glass is also physically much tougher than soda-lime glass. It is more malleable and less brittle which means two things. One, it can be worked into complex shapes, patterns, and decorations, and two, it is less likely when you drop it in your pocket and take it on the go. Borosilicate puts the pocket in pocket piece.

For what it’s worth, borosilicate glass is also more chemically resistant, as well as more resistant to acid. Look for it in our collection of hand-blown, high-quality glass smoking pipes and glass bowls. It’s a big selling point.

Reflect Your Personality 

There’s one more thing you should be on the lookout for when you’re shopping for a new glass smoking pipe , and this one’s important in ensuring you’ll be happy with the purchase. You need to make sure you pick out a glass pipe that reflects you!

One of the great things about spoon pipes is that, despite their simplicity, they exhibit so much variability. Even the smallest and simplest of glass hand pipes can be made with swirled, mottled, patterned, or textured colored glass. Many of them have elaborate twists and spirals in their construction. Others yet are styled in the likeness of ornate shapes, flowers, animals, or characters from pop culture.

Take a look through our collection of popular pipes and other cool smoking pipes and see if you can find something that matches your interests or reflects your personality. We have a bunch of stars in our lineup!

Portability vs. Chill-Out Factor: Try a Water Pipe for Big, Cool Rips

One closing thought on glass smoking pipes. You might find that, despite the portability of a small, convenient spoon pipe, there are times when you want to take bigger hits, relax in some good company, or enjoy cooler, smoother hits instead of the quick, hot hits you can get off a hand pipe.

If that’s the case, consider a water pipe as your next addition to your collection instead of another spoon. You can take bigger, cooler, smoother hits off a water pipe and many of them have large bowls that are great for group smoking sessions.

Plus, our collection of heady glass and cool smoking bowls shows off just as much personality as our selection of glass smoking pipes!

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Whether you end up going with a chillum, a water pipe or a new glass hand pipe is up to you, but if you have any questions don’t be shy about forwarding them to use. You can reach us at 202-506-3060 or at