Essential Dab Rig Parts and Accessories

Essential Dab Rig Parts and Accessories

Posted by FunkyPiece on Oct 19th 2021

The world of marijuana is one that is currently expanding at an astounding rate. As the unique herb becomes more and more widely accepted and even legalized for both recreational and medicinal use, everything about it is becoming more and more exciting. New hybrid plants and buds, edibles, butters, oils, and dabbing-- the list goes on and on.

One of the most exciting newer additions to the marijuana industry is dabbing. When dabbing, you are smoking “dabs,” which are THC concentrates. They are typically stronger than any other means of marijuana products (anywhere from 70% and above of THC!) and require a specific means of consuming them, such as using a dab rig.

Dabs can come in various forms, such as butter, shatter (butane hash oil that looks like glass), crumble, and oil. There are also several dab accessories and devices that you should be aware of before you get to dabbing. Let’s take a look at the most popular accessories and other pieces for dabbing.

Dab Rig

The dab rig is one of the most essential devices you need in order to correctly and efficiently vape your dabs. Without one of these glass pieces, it can be difficult to vaporize then inhale the smoke from the dab.

It can be done by other methods, but the dab rig is easily the most highly recommended way to do it, as it allows you to vaporize your concentrate cleanly and provide you with the highest highs. In order to best understand this device, its use, and how it works, let’s look at all of the different parts, which they themselves are dab accessories.


Let’s start with where the dab begins, then continue on with where its vapor ends up. The nail plays one of the most vital roles in the dabbing experience. It is a shallow dish that you heat up and where you place your dab to heat and vaporize it.

The nail is placed within the downstem but is partially covered by a dome. However, the nail could be exchanged with a banger. A banger is a bucket-shaped piece that could take the same place as the nail. A banger is more ideal for wetter concentrates, as it collects them more efficiently, while stickier and harder concentrates would work well with a nail instead.


The next important component of this device is the dome. This essentially “hugs” the vapors so that they don’t escape from the top of the nail and allows them to travel in the desired direction. The dome is often made of glass, but can also come in other materials, like quartz, titanium, and ceramic.

Not all nail heads require a dome if they have holes within them for more airflow, but those who don’t have this advantage do require them.

The vapor travels from the nail, is caught by the dome (if available), then sent downward through the downstem.


The downstem is quite accurately named, as it is a stem that pulls the vapors downward. It accomplishes this by providing necessary suction to the vaping experience. This suction also allows the water in the chamber or base to bubble, one of the most vital actions of the dab rig.

Without a downstem, smoking from a dab rig is impossible. It is the connecting piece between your dab, the chamber, and you. It is an essential piece of the dab rig (and even in more typical bongs as well), so be sure that this is in place when dabbing. The downstem then leads the vapors to the chamber/base.

Chamber or Base

The base of the dab rig is the most bulbous part of the entire device, which is key for holding the water. The suction from both the downstem and from your mouth through the main chamber collectively trigger the water to bubble.

When the water bubbles, it allows more of the water to cool and diffuse the vapors. Both the cooling and diffusion are ideal for making smoother and more enjoyable hits.


And now for the pièce de résistance: the mouthpiece. This is a tube that connects the chamber to your mouth so you can inhale those delectable vapors for a delicious dabbing experience!

Butane Torch

Unfortunately, you cannot use any typical lighter in order to efficiently dab. You will need a butane torch, as this can heat up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature will heat up the nail/banger to the desired temperature for seamless dabbing.

Carb Cap

We would be remiss to talk about dab accessories and not mention the carb cap. Carb caps may not be necessary, but they can be an excellent addition to your dabbing experience. It not only allows the dab to be vaporized at a lower temperature but also improves the flavor while also disallows heat from escaping.

They’re a great accessory especially for quartz bangers, as carb caps greatly assist in protecting them.

No matter what you’re looking for in dab accessories, we at FunkyPiece Smoke Shop can provide you with what you need. Be sure to give us a call at 202-506-3060 with any questions you may have. We can’t wait to help improve your dabbing experience!