Dabbing 101: What Is It and What Are the Best Dab Rigs For Sale Now

Dabbing 101: What Is It and What Are the Best Dab Rigs For Sale Now

Posted by FunkyPiece on Jan 4th 2022

Every smoke shop has a plethora of devices for best consuming your preferred marijuana and tobacco products. It can be difficult to sift through all of their offerings, their varying sizes, shapes, and purposes. Even the many terms and the jargon associated with it can be overwhelming.

One more recent yet quickly popularizing option for consuming marijuana is “dabbing.” Let’s take a close look at this popular method of cannabis consumption and what the best dab rigs for sale (the devices needed to efficiently dab) are here at FunkyPiece Smoke Shop.

What is a Dab?
Dabs are butane hash oil that contains highly-concentrated THC. In fact, the THC concentration in dabs is 80%. Meanwhile, other common cannabis typically has 10% to 15% THC levels. This means that the highs are higher and the hits are an all-at-once experience while smoking cannabis in other common manners tends to be a slow buildup.

Dabs can come in several forms, such as butter, oil, shatter (has a glass-like appearance), and crumble (similar to a wax consistency). When you are “dabbing,” you are consuming these “dabs.”

What is Dabbing?
While people tend to vape or smoke their marijuana products, the same cannot be done with dabs. This is because dabbing requires an incredibly high heat in order for the user to reap the benefits. In fact, 500-700°F is the ideal temperature range for efficient dabbing.

The most popular device to use for dabbing sufficiently is the dab rig. The dab rig looks similar to a bong but is actually quite different.

There are five key components to a dab rig: a nail/banger, dome, downstem, chamber/base, and mouthpiece. The dab is placed on the nail/banger, which acts like the bowl does in a bong. It’s a place to hold the dab in place and to get the vapors to go through the rest of the piece and into your mouth, then lungs.

However, you can’t simply use any lighter or match to light your concentrate, then inhale. You will need a butane torch, as these properly heat up the nail to the desired temperature and, ultimately, the dab.

If you are at all curious about the intricacies and inner workings of the dab rig, you can explore our essential dab rig parts and accessories post for more in-depth information about each of these parts and their specific roles in dabbing.

For now, let’s get into the three best dab rigs for you to seamlessly enjoy dabbing.

5 Best Dab Rigs for Sale Right Now
Now that you know all about dabbing and are curious about trying it for yourself, you should browse the best dab rigs for sale in order to find the right piece for you. We have compiled a brief list of just three of our best-sellers to pique your interest even further.

1.Hemper Shark Rig

Don’t worry: this shark won’t bite. The Hemper Shark Rig is a popular dab rig that features a great white shark image on its chamber with a blue-tinted background. Not only does it look cool when on display, but also when being used, as the bubbles in the percolator look like the shark is leaping from the ocean.

It’s only 7 inches in height and has a 3.5-inch base: a great shape and size for great hits. The male bowl and the female joint are both 14 mm as well.

2.MJ Arsenal Hydra

Would you prefer something that has a more classic look and is optimally discrete? Then the MJ Arsenal Hydra mini rig is the dab rig for you. It is just 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide, making for a great dabbing partner whether at home or on the road.

It has a 3-hole percolator, which provides you with increased diffusion and cooling in every hit. That means every hit will taste and feel the absolute best. Adding this piece to your “arsenal” won’t be something you will soon regret!

3.Gun Rig


Give any one of our Gun Rigs a “shot” and you won’t be disappointed. These rigs come in three different colors: pink, black, and green. No matter which color you choose, your dabbing experience will be an exhilarating one.

This unique dab rig features a 14mm nail and realistic accents, while the mouthpiece is on the gun’s muzzle. When purchasing this dab rig, you can feel confident that each hit will go straight to your head.

If these three dab rigs haven’t matched exactly what you are looking for, feel free to browse our many other dab rigs for sale. We have a plethora of these pieces available in order to best cater to any and all of our customers’ styles and preferences. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-420-2420. We can’t wait to bring your dabbing experiences to new “heights!”