5 Reasons You Should Use a Glass Pipe for Smoking

5 Reasons You Should Use a Glass Pipe for Smoking

Posted by FunkyPiece on Feb 1st 2022

There are many reasons why you should use a glass pipe for smoking. One of the primary advantages of using a glass pipe is its capacity to keep itself clean.

Glass is certainly the easiest to clean and maintain using the best cleaning products, even though build-up of residue may happen. Smoking from a clean pipe will provide you with a pure high and allow you to enjoy all the flavors without traces of your previous smoke.

Aside from the smoking experience, below are other reasons why you should use a glass pipe.

Why Buy a Glass Pipe for Smoking
If you’re looking for the best smoking device for tobacco or cannabis, consider the following reasons why you should buy a glass pipe.

If you’re going to buy water pipes for weed or tobacco, the water is going to filter the smoke before it gets to you. This eliminates a large number of carcinogens as well as any other residues that may be present when you inhale the smoke.

While there is some debate about the percentage of harmful substances filtered away by water, one thing is certain: any method of filtration is preferable to non-filtered alternatives.

Weed and tobacco smokers also do not have to worry about the risks of a harsh hit because the water cools the smoke in the pipe.

When compared to other types of pipes, glass pipes are more durable. Glass pipes are typically built from a single piece of glass so they can withstand a lot of force and can last a long time.

Glass pipes go through a heating and molding process to achieve their unique shapes. Because of the heating and molding process, glass pipes become tough and sturdy.

Cannabis and tobacco pipes are also made of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is known for its durability and heat-resistant quality. It won’t easily crack even when exposed to high-temperature changes.

Another big advantage of glass pipes is the wide range of shapes, styles, designs, and sizes of glass pipes, including smoking accessories that are available to you.

Glass pipes are also available in handcrafted, glow-in-the-dark, and custom-made styles to fit any taste.

Here at Funky Piece, we offer a huge selection of unique glass smoking pipes in different colors and styles. Check out our collection of glass hand pipes, spoon pipes, dab rigs, and many others for the perfect style you’re looking for.

4.Clean, Powerful Hit
When you smoke a joint, the herb burns slowly, resulting in smaller hits. With pipes, you're able to inhale a good amount of smoke all at once. This makes smoking from pipes preferable to many.

Additionally, when you smoke a pipe, you don't have to worry about burning papers contaminating your smoke. Thus, pipes can deliver a smooth, unfiltered dosage of THC straight to your lungs, delivering strong effects in seconds.

Some users also prefer pipe smoke because it is smoother and produces a less foggy high.

5.Less Heat
Glass pipes do not heat up as quickly as other smoking pipes. For instance, ceramic pipes and metal pipes tend to heat up quickly, making it difficult to hold them while smoking.

In contrast, glass pipes take longer to heat up. They also lose heat quickly. All of these make them easy to hold even when they’re subjected to the highest temperature.

Kinds of Glass Pipes


Glass pipes can either be water pipes or dry pipes. Water pipes use water to filter the smoke while dry pipes do not use water.

Whatever you end up buying is up to you, your needs, and your preferences. But here are some types of pipes worth looking into for your first or next smoking pipe.

A bubbler is a combination of a spoon pipe and a water pipe. They're small, resembling a spoon pipe, and have a little water chamber that filters the smoke before inhaling it.

Some of the advantages include:
1.They are a lot smaller than your typical water pipes, which makes them a lot easier to use.

2.They are more portable than water pipes because they are smaller. Also, bubblers are less delicate, making them a perfect solution for on-the-go smokers.

Chillums are glass cylinders that you stuff with herbs at one end and light at the other. They are similar to spoon pipes but with fewer features. Small chillums are also called one-hitters while larger chillums with larger bowl capacity are called steamrollers.

Some of the advantages are:
1.Like a spoon pipe, chillums are easy to use and carry.

2.Usually made of thick borosilicate, they are robust and durable. You can easily put them in your pocket and hit the road with the minimal worry of breaking them, just like with a spoon.

●Dab Rigs
In many ways, a dab rig is similar to a water pipe, but it's designed to smoke concentrates rather than dried herbs. A dab rig, for example, will feature a nail or banger in place of a water pipe's bowl, which is designed to store concentrates and assist vaporization.

With dab rigs, the concentrates are vaporized at high temperatures before being filtered through water and delivered to you.

Some of the major advantages are:
1.Dab rigs create less smoke than other pipes. SO even though they're not small, they offer discretion in the little smoke they produce.

2.They offer a more powerful hit. Dab rigs can deliver potent hits because they use concentrates.

Water Pipes
Water pipes include a water-filled glass percolator through which smoke is sucked up into the chimney and into the lungs through a bowl and a downstem.

Some benefits of water pipes are:
1.They offer a cooler, smoother smoke because of the water, making them gentler on the throat as well as the lungs.

2.Because water pipes filter the smoke, you get purer and cleaner smoke.

3.In a water pipe, you may pack the bowl full of weed, allowing you to take greater, more gratifying pulls.

Get Your Smoking Pipe Now!
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