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AFM 10M 20MM Thick Bottom Banger

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AFM makes high quality bangers that don't break the bank! Lets face it, your banger sees so much wear and tear with constant torching and cooling. Luckily, AFM's 100% quartz bangers can stand up to the challenge of everyday dabbing while not making you go broke at the same time. 

10MM Male AFM banger features a 20MM wide bucket for big globs. The hallmark of this specific banger is an extra thick, 5MM bottom. The thicker bottom stands up to heat better than thinner versions. The thicker glass also allows for better heat absorption and overall flavor. While other thinner bangers will become brittle over time, the AFM thick bottom banger keeps going and going. 

AFM quartz bangers have been a best seller at FunkyPiece for some time. You'll love the high quality construction, great low prices and the different styles to suit your dabbing needs. 

Key Specs:

  • 10MM Male Joint Banger
  • 100% quartz 
  • 20MM bucket
  • 5MM thick bottom 
  • 3MM bucket wall thickness
  • Polished joint
  • High quality banger that will last