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4 Piece Medium Blue Santa Cruz Shredder

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Owning a Santa Cruz Shredder is unlike owning any other grinder. A Santa Cruz Shredder is a high end piece of shredding machinery that will turn your dry herb into the perfect consistency. Think of this grinder more like an investment. Crafted from medical-grade anodized aluminum, the Santa Cruz grinder will last years. You will never have to buy another grinder again!

Everything about the Santa Cruz grinder is well thought out. First,  a revolutionary tooth design grinds your dry herbs into a flully consistency. The spacing of the grinder's teeth were designed to shred material without overly damaging it. Unique threads and a textured grip ensure your grinder opens and closes with easy precision. Finally, a rare earth magnet makes sure the grinder's non-threaded top stays put. Overall, a high quality grinder made in Santa Cruz, CA. 

The Santa Cruz Medium blue is a 4 piece grinder. The bottom chamber collects all the pollen falling of your dry material. A pollen collection tool is included. Features a gloss royal blue finish. Measures 2-1/8" diameter.