18" Capitals Bong

18" Capitals Bong
50MM Diameter Tubing
Triple Ice Pinch
Capitals themed colors with frosted logo
High quality bong made in the USA!
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Show your love and support for your favorite hockey team with the official Washington Capitals Bong. The 18" Caps bong features a 50MM wide tube and 5MM thick glass. Heavy duty bong will not crack and break like cheaper, made in China glass. A triple pinch system is integrated inside the tube so you can add ice cubes for cooler hits. A 14MM slide and diffused downstem are included. 

The Caps bong is a custom made piece specifically for our shop. We are huge Caps fans and we just had to have a Caps bong in the shop and at home. All clear glass is highlighted with the red and blue Capitals colors. The bong is finished off with a frosted Capitals logo. High quality bong is made in the USA! 

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Diffused Downstem
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