10" Nationals Water Pipe

Washington Nationals Custom Bong
10" Tall
Made from thick, durable glass
Triple pinch ice catch
14MM bowl and downstem included
Made in the USA!
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FunkyPiece is headquartered in Washington, DC so we had to represent with the official Washington Nationals themed bong. A truly custom piece that features the World Series Champ's iconic logo. The Nats bong is made from extra thick, 7MM glass. The thicker glass feels heavy and sturdy in your hand. This simple, no frills bong features red, white and blue glass to drive home the Nationals theme. A 14MM bowl and matching downstem are included at no extra charge. You'll love the triple ice pinch that allows you to use ice cubes for an even cooler, denser hit. The Nationals bong is a must have for any Washingtonian or baseball fan in general. Another high quality piece made in the USA and brought to you by FunkyPiece!

Other teams are available, please email us to request your team. 

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Perc Style:
Diffused Downstem
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