Oscar the Grouch

The Oscar the Grouch Pipe is a compact bowl with intricate glass work. An all black stem serves as the trashcan while a green headed monster angerily pokes his head out. A small lid finishes off this truly funky piece. 

The trashcan pipe measures just 3.5" tall. It features a flat bottom base which allows it to display as a fine piece of art. A left side carb makes this piece a dream to use. 

We're not sure why the monster is in such a bad mood. Is it because of his overgrown uni-brow? Or maybe because he is stuck in a trashcan? Either way, the funky monster head styling makes this a beautiful piece to add to any smoker's collection.
Key Specs
    • Green Monster Trashcan Pipe
    • Black stem with green monster bowl
    • 3.5" tall
    • Left side carb
    • Made in the USA by Blowfish Glass
SKU: 400000000305


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