GravLabs Taster Pipe

The Grav Labs Taster is a one-hitter style pipe made from thick, 12MM borosilicate glass. For the price and simplicity, this convenient one-hitter packs a lot of functionality. 

Roll Stop built in. A roll stop is implemented in the heavy glass tubing. The marble looking shape prevents the Grav Taster from rolling away. It also makes it easier to handle. 

Ashcatcher built in. We made sure to stock the Triple-Pinch version. The design acts as an ash catcher so you get nothing but clean, smooth rips. 

Style and Function. Our Grav Labs Tasters utilize colored glass tubing. The 12MM thickness gives this piece a heavy feel that won't break easily. The beautiful piece is finished off with a Grav Labs logo. 3" long and available in a variety of colors.

***Please note, the grav tasters are available in a variety of colors. We try to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee color at the time of shipping. Please include your preference in the order comments section on the checkout page.

Overall, the Grav Labs Taster is not going to be your finest piece in the collection. But, for under $15 it makes a very efficient and convenient pipe to have at your disposal.
Key Specs
    • Grav Labs Taster Pipes
    • Perfect for quick, discreet smoking
    • Colored Glass Tubing w/Grav logo
    • Roll stop built in
    • Three-pinch ashcatcher built in
    • Approximately 3" long
    • Made from thick, 12MM tubing
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