GravLabs Glass Blunt

The Grav Labs Glass Blunt is a step up from your standard one-hitter. Utilizing thick, heavy glass and a custom fitting, this piece is a great value for only $20. 

The Grav Blunt is a two piece kit utilizing a stem and chamber which are connected with a custom, plastic fitting. Positioning the stem in the chamber allows you to control how much material you use. All clear glass is made from heavy-walled tubing and is finished off with the iconic Grav Labs logo. 

You'll love the round mouth piece that feels smooth to the touch. The Grav Glass Blunt measures approximately 6.75" when fully extended. The chamber measures 3" in length. When you want something a little more than a one hitter, the Grav Glass Blunt is the way to go!
Key Specs
    • Grav Glass Blunt
    • Made from thick walled tubing
    • Clear Glass with Grav Labs logo
    • Utilizes custom fitting
    • Made by Grav Labs
SKU: 400000000176


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